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Water Deaeration and Purification, Multi-stream Fluid Blending, Carbonation and Gas Injection

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Centec GmbH are a well established independent German manufacturer of equipment for process applications throughout the beverage, soft drinks, food, water processing, personal-care, medical products, pharmaceutical, bio-pharma, semi-conductor, chemical and other high quality manufacturing industries.
Centec systems are used in compliance critical duties by many of the World’s major companies. Centec technology operates every day in countries around the globe. From Germany to USA, Columbia to Russia, or Switzerland to Guatemala customers rely on their Centec equipment to deliver high quality products and cost effective production. Specialist expertise includes:
Deaeration & Dissolved Gas Removal Systems to remove dissolved gases from liquids and raw water, especially the extraction of oxygen from process water and ‘brewers’ liquor’.
Carbonation & Gas Injection Systems to carbonate beers, beverages and soft drinks. Centec have established an excellent reputation for this technology. The principle is also deployed for highly cost effective pH correction of waste water.
Water Treatment and Purification Systems to produce water for a wide range of quality standards from industrial process, to food and beverage through to USP compliant WFI for sterile pyrogen-free bio-pharma applications, pure steam and high purity water for silicone wafer production for the semi-conductor industry.
Liquid Blending and Mixing Systems to continuously and accurately mix two or more streams of liquid. From the dilution of syrups for soft drinks, addition of flavours, perfumes and colours to drinks or cosmetics, blending of chemical, juice mixing or lubricant production to mention a few examples.

Centec’s headquarters and engineering offices are near Frankfurt in Germany. In the Czech Republic Centec fabricate, construct and test their skids. Centec Automatica design and manufacture the automation and electrical systems.
Centec quality procedures are certified to ISO 9001:2008. Centec systems meet all applicable European Directives, US FDA CFR 21 applies for product contact elastomers and plastic parts. ATEX applies for specific model variants for explosion risk environments. Centec sensors have PTB certification on specific models.
Sales and support are available globally through Centec Group companies in Germany, Czech, USA, Brazil, India and Serbia and through dedicated representatives and distributors in many other countries.
Skid Mounted Hygienic, Fine Chemical and Industrial Process Systems by Centec GmbH
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