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Water Deaeration and Purification, Multi-stream Fluid Blending, Carbonation and Gas Injection

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Skid Mounted Water Deaeration and Liquid De-Gassing Systems to remove dissolved gases from liquids and raw water, especially the extraction of oxygen from process water and ‘brewers’ liquor’. To reduce costly corrosion in heating systems and power generation plants oxygen free water is essential. Centec have particular expertise in this area.

Equipment for Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen and Oxygen Injection into Liquids. Centec equipment is used to carbonate and nitrogenate beers, beverages and soft drinks. Centec have established an excellent reputation for this technology. The principle is also deployed for very cost effective pH correction of excessively alkaline waste water. Centec’s special Vortex ventri injectors can be used to dissolved gases into a variety of liquids, including sterile oxygen into wort or air into waste water. The applications tend to be highly bespoke and customer specific.

Water Treatment, Filtration and Purification Systems for a wide range of uses and standards from industrial process, to food and beverage through to USP compliant WFI and Pure Steam for sterile pyrogen-free bio-pharma applications as well as high purity water for silicone wafer production in the semi-conductor industry.

Liquid Mixing & Blending Systems to continuously and accurately proportion and mix two or more streams of liquid. From the dilution of syrups for soft drinks, addition of caramel to beer, perfumes and colours in cosmetics, blending of chemicals, mixing of juice, shampoo making or even lubricant production to mention a few examples. With generations of expertise in product monitoring and sensing technology, Centec are a market leader in continuous multi-stream product blending systems.

High Gravity Blender Carbonators for medium to large capacity brewing and cider production. Precise, fully automated, consistent product, quality controlled at minimised production costs.  

Yeast Pitching equipment for accurately dosing yeast brewery applications.

Cleaning In Place Systems from a very basic mobile total-loss single-tank CIP set, to a simple dedicated two-tank CIP unit, through to complex 3 or 4 tank multi-channel CIP systems for high volume multi-product breweries and dairies. Centec technology accurately detects the interface between product and water, thus reducing waste and costs.

Flash Pasteurisation using efficient heat transfer technology to ensure product safety, optimised shelf-life and high product quality for a range of liquid products.

Alcohol Removal Equipment to produce low alcohol beer, cider and wine, with flavour recovery technology for greatly enhanced product quality.

Centec Series
Industries Served:
- Beer & Cider Brewing
- Wine & Spirits
- Soft Drinks, Juice & Water
- Dairy & Food
- Oil & Fats
- Cosmetics & Health Care
- Pharmaceuticals
- Bio-Pharmaceuticals
- Semi-Conductors
- Household Chemicals
- Bio-Fuels & Ethanol
- Chemicals & Lubricants
- Inks and Dyes
- Water Treatment
Skid Mounted Process Systems
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